Picture Framing

Expert Picture Framing

As your source for “All Things Visual,” Moab Printworks squares the circle by providing expert and creative picture framing. Between them, David L. Brown and Mark Brown have decades of experience in mounting, matting and framing artwork.

Besides traditional archival framing using acid-free materials, we can also create unusual effects to make your art stand out. For example, “float” mounting on Lexan can make your wall decor special. Or, how about mounting on a copper sheet then floating the print inside a shadow box? That’s just one of many creative possibilities.

Other options include printing your art on canvas and presenting it as wraps. We can do single, double or even triple mats for a more traditional effect, using either wood or metal frames.

We have a top-end 60-inch mat cutter that can make double or triple mats and even create v-grooves for a special effect. We also have a 275-pound dry mounting and laminating press that can handle artwork up to 44-inches wide by however long by making multiple impressions, so even the largest prints can be matted and framed or displayed on a substrate such as acrylic or metal. We can also print on canvas to create wraps, or frame objects such as team jerseys or precious mementos.

We are members of the Professional Picture Framers Association and support the Moab Chamber of Commerce.