We Do Video Too

Professional Broadcast Quality Video

Moab Printworks is a full-service source for “All Things Visual,” and that includes fully professional video production. Between them, David Brown and Mark Brown have decades of experience in corporate video work.

We have the tools to do the job right, including three cameras plus a drone all capable of capturing 4K super HD footage. We have a variety of mikes, lighting and even green screens to place your spokesperson or products in any scene. We are experienced in scripting, directing, and editing videos complete with music and special effects.

Mark is a master of editing, using a variety of tools, a powerful custom-built computer and a wealth of software plus stock images and music to round out your broadcast quality production.He’s equipped to handle any assignment, as demonstrated by the equipment list shown below.

Besides his experience in video work, David is a former journalist with strong interviewing skills to help tell your story and create a script that will keep the attention of viewers.

A Full Editing Toolbox

Our video editing suite is equipped with the latest software and hardware to turn out broadcast quality productions. Mark uses Adobe Premiere Pro as his primary editing tool. He has been using this program for about ten years, and for ten years prior to that he used Apple’s Final Cut Pro when it was the best choice. He also has the DaVinci Resolve editing suite, a Hollywood level program that is the standard for color rendition.

In addition to these he uses Adobe After Effects for compositing, Adobe Audition for sound tracks and Photoshop for titles and to use layers to create special effects. Final encoding is done by Adobe Media Encoder.

The computer is custom made with a 16 core processor, two 1080 graphics cards, 128 GB of RAM and using a 55-inch 4K monitor.