B&W Prints

Amazing Black & White Conversions

We can help you turn your digital files into black-and-white prints that can make even ordinary pictures into amazing gallery prints.

We are especially proud of the results we get by converting image files to monotone. If you have ever clicked to convert to black-and-white in Photoshop or Lightroom, you’ve probably been less than overwhelmed by the result. Even dedicated B&W conversion software such as in the NIK suite doesn’t give the greatest results. What we can do goes far beyond that, yielding true transformation of the image to stunning black-and-white images like the one above.

In our B&W Conversion Protocol we follow a series of steps using tools from several different software packages to convert color images to black-and-white prints of museum quality. We especially love the results we get printing our worked up black-and-white files on Epson Glossy or Metallic paper, yielding gallery prints that seem almost three-dimensional. Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Baryta is another excellent choice for archival black-and-white prints of museum quality.

We use a multi-step process using tools from several photo editing software suites to achieve results reminiscent of the darkroom magic of Ansel Adams and other masters of the darkroom. We can make even uninteresting pictures into something worthy of exhibition. Below is an example of what we can do. The difference is striking, making an original color shot taken on an overcast day into a black-and-white image that comes alive when printed on a fine art paper.

Original Color Photo

The starting point (above) is a straight picture as taken by Mark Brown with a Nikon D850 camera, featuring a wrecked blue boat in a mountain river. It was made on an overcast day and the colors are extremely muted. We have deliberately chosen this image as a particularly difficult challenge, to prove that even apparently poor candidates can be transformed into amazing black-and-white pictures worthy to be proudly displayed.

Straight Photoshop B&W Conversion

For comparison, we used the grayscale feature in Photoshop to convert the image into a monochrome file. The result shown above is about what you would expect – a b&w version of the image that has most of the problems of the color original. There is no detail in the sky and trees and mountains are almost silhouettes. One would not think this is a candidate for a fine art print. But we can do much better than just a simple conversion. Look at the example below to show what our expertise and conversion protocols can achieve.

After Applying Our B&W Protocols

Hard to believe this comes from the same digital files as the dull and uninteresting examples above, but after applying a series of tools from several  photo software suites to the original color image file, just look at what can be done. There is now detail everywhere, including in the sky that appeared to be completely washed out. Printed on a quality archival paper this makes a beautiful fine art print worthy of gallery or even museum display.

Black-and-white photography is coming back into popularity, but you don’t need to invest in a film darkroom, chemicals and an enlarger to take advantage of this potential demand for your fine art prints. As part of our services we will apply our conversion skills to your pictures in order to create stunning b&w fine art prints. We’ll start with your un-processed RAW file or a .tif or .psd file that has not been manipulated and add our magic. We will charge a reasonable fee for this additional service, based on $60/hour with a 15 minute minimum. Most conversions can easily be done within the minimum time. Then we will be ready to print your beautiful black-and-white photographs.

To learn more, call us at 435-355-0121 or email us at moabprintworks@gmail.com to let us know how we can help you.