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When you activate your camera’s shutter to take a picture, it’s only the beginning. The Raw file must be digitally processed with skill and the resulting .psd or .tif file tweaked for color correction and detail. And it doesn’t end there, either, for to make a superior fine art or museum quality print takes experience, careful attention to detail and the best printers.

We are photographers ourselves, with many years of experience preparing digital files and making prints. Now we are ready to place those resources in your service, to give you inkjet or gicleé prints of the finest quality, whether in full glowing color or stunning black-and-white. We will make your prints with the same care we apply to our own work. We can print straight from your worked-up file, or apply our skills with post-processing software to give your final print that special something that makes it stand out.

David L. Brown is an award-winning photographer who has had thousands of his pictures published for myriad purposes, from editorial to corporate uses ranging from newspapers and magazines to annual reports, calendars and even billboards. He is a life member of the American Society of Media Photographers and has worked for many years as a nature, landscape and travel photographer. When film was still king he used large format cameras including 4×5 and 5×7 inch view cameras, medium format systems, and special panoramic cameras as well as Leica, Nikon and Canon 35mm systems at various stages in his career. He has worked in more than 30 countries. Over the past two decades he has embraced the new digital world of photography and has owned several large format inkjet printers, including 24- and 44-inch Epson printers. He studied under Master Printmaker Jon Cone of Cone Editions at Jon’s studio in Vermont, as well as at the Santa Fe Workshops in New Mexico. He presently leads photo tours and workshops in the Moab, UT area. You can view his website at www.imagequest.photo.

Mark Brown grew up in Pennsylvania where he was a landscape, portrait and wedding photographer. Many of his landscape and nature photographs were printed and framed to decorate corporate offices, clinics and hospitals. He also made thousands of prints for his wedding business, shooting about 200 such events. In 2010 he moved to Moab, UT where he has concentrated on photographing nature and landscape subjects. He currently sells his fine art prints through Amazon.com under his NaturesOpus brand. Besides his still photography work, Mark is an expert videographer and has exceptional ability to bring out the most from digital image files. Unsatisfied with the ordinary computers available off the shelf, he has built his own computer with a 16 core processor and 128 GB of RAM, using a 50-inch 4K flat-screen television as his monitor. His current personal work is made with dual Nikon 850 camera bodies, a Nikon 810 body and an extensive collection of lenses. He also uses a drone to capture the beauty of the Utah redrocks country from unusual angles, both as stills and videos. His video editing services are also available for those of you who desire help with managing your footage. See more about Mark at www.naturesopus.com

We offer a wide range of services
including the ability to make top-quality prints up to 44 inches wide by whatever length is required, using our state-of-the-art Epson P8000 SureColor printer. For a standard format image that can mean a stunning print that measures 44×66 inches. In the case of panoramic images, we can go as big as 44×132 inches or even longer.

We make our fine art prints on the finest Luster papers, and museum quality prints on 100 percent cotton rag paper from Hahnemuele. By special arrangement we can also print on the media of your choice, including metallic paper and canvas.

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